I am Colonel Deovrat Pagay (Retd.)
Applying mind ideas for a bright future

Goal Oriented Courses the Easy Way...

When you undertake to interact with us, you will learn the psychological nuances of mind and body by learning on a virtual platform. We guide you systematically towards achieving your goals.

Realistic & live interaction

Comprehensive program

Helping the World with mind ideas

Problem solving

Creative Learning

Comprehensive & easy methods

We Reach our Goals...

We Have some of the best mind programmes

Skillful learning sessions

There are many facets of mind development and applications in everyday life. At The Roaring Forte we help you navigate through your everyday life problems in furtherance to achieving your desired goals.

NLP Certification

Certified NLP practitioner

Personality Assessor Certification

Certified personality assessor and evaluator

Virtual Trainer Certification

Life & Mindfulness coach & Counselling and Mentoring

Tips & tricks to tap the full potential of your mind

People we coached excelled to achieve the best in Life

Our Course Workflow

Shaping, Sprint, Iterations, Release


Personality Development & Assessment

What distinguishes you as a person, what makes you stand apart from the rest…read more


Counselling & Mentoring

When was the last time you felt like you were ‘stranded’ because you were unsure about your plans…read more


Life & Mindfulness Coach

A good majority of people are not sure what exactly a life coach does. Who needs coaching in just living a life?…read more


SSB Coaching

If you are here to “live a life more than the ordinary”, then your training begins now. Who else is better than a certified assessor to coach you for the same!…read more

Live Interactions...

Our sessions are interactive, situational and objective modules which will benefit you in achieving your desired goals.
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One on One Sessions

Live Workshops

Concept-ualised Syllabus

Practical Solutions

The various domains help you choose the best suited courses and programmes towards fulfillment your goals and objectives. Our interactive sessions will help you apply new techniques and concepts in everyday problem solving.

We impart quality knowledge to hone your skills...

There are many domains available at The Roaring Forte. At some moment in life we all are subjected to complicated and stressful situations, which hamper the functioning of our mind, body and soul. Our domains give you a wide choice to choose and learn from and ensure its application in everyday life.

A simple and easy way to fulfill of your goals.

Proven Teaching Methods for Easy Understanding & Application

How We Teach

1. One-on-One Sessions 2. Workshops 3. Group Sessions 4. Mind Therapy

What We Teach

1. Basic Psychological Concepts 2. Mind Training 3. Neuro Linguistic Programming 4. Application of Psychological Concepts 5. Life Coach

Personality development & social skills

Neuro linguistic programming

Life mindfulness

Counselling skill

SSB coaching

Our Achievements...

One of the experienced life coaches

Updated Learning Services

Experienced personality evaluator (Psychology) with more than 10 years of experience in selection of Potential Officers at SSB (Indian Armed Forces), for Army, Navy & Air Force.

Certified NLP general practitioner from NFNLP, USA.

Life and Mindfulness trainer and coach.

Accredited Certification

Ph.D in Psychology
M.Sc in Psychology
Assessor in SSBServices Selection Board - Indian Armed Forces
NLP General Practitioner
Certified Sea Diver
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