Reasons Why We Feel Afraid of Public Speaking

Reasons Why We Feel Afraid of Public Speaking

Reasons Why We Feel Afraid of Public Speaking

Many fears play an important and impactful role in your daily lives. It is of many kinds. But in all cases, this fear is capable of taking over your personality and altering your being. There might have been something you could have done and reached new heights but your fear pulled you down and now you are where you feel unsatisfied. There might be still a few occasions that can help you step up but fear of falling can make you stay where you are. One such fear is Public Speaking.

Effect of the fear of Public Speaking on the Personality Development of the people

Voicing your thoughts and opinions in front of a crowd or even thinking about all possible attention can shrivel up any spare confidence within a person. What truly affects you is the possibility of rejection, humiliation, being laughed at, disappointment, being considered a failure. Due to these very impactful reasons, individuals can feel extreme negative emotions when faced with such a situation. This brings a steep fall to the personality development of the individual.

It can also cause them to feel very nervous, have a rapid heart rate, cause blood pressure, fainting sensation, nausea, and even make a person collapse. This is very anxiety takes over the working of the body and simply shuts down. This is how impactful fear of public speaking is on the lives of some people who face it.

This is also the reason that such individuals are not able to achieve their goals and others can push towards success and surpass them. People lack confidence in themselves and proceed by compromising in their lives and never standing up for what they want. This is a sure way to affect your personality development as well. In the end, they lead unhappy and unsatisfied lives.

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Why do people feel afraid of Public Speaking?

Fear always has a base and valid reason behind it. Some of those reasons are:

1.   Past Experience

There might be cases previously where your public speaking had gone wrong. Maybe you faces criticism and negative reviews that had broken down the confident wall you had built. You might be feeling that history would repeat.

2.   Expecting Anxiety

Before the actual activity of public speaking you know you would face anxiety due to which you are building up to higher towards a greater level of anxiety over what has not even happened yet.

3.   Thoughts of Listeners

Speakers often feel that they can hear what the audience is thinking and often face expressions and unexpected laughs that make you believe that you made some mistake that builds up fear.

4.   Anticipating Visible Nervousness

You are often nervous but it doubles when you force your body and face to not let it reflect. Too much effort makes you feel that you are not successful and are portraying too much nervousness in every action.

5.   Fear of Forgetting

After a thorough preparation a simple thought about ‘what if I forget’ can be a danger to your confidence. This leads to fear of forgetting and you make mistakes even if you could have done it perfectly.

6.   Missing skill

You might feel that this is not your forte and public speaking is not for you. This kind of thought builds up your confidence in your to-be failure. This becomes true due to negative confidence and your fear wins.

7.   Physical Factors

At times, it is not fear but the physical factors that build up your fear. The drying of the mouth and throat, the rapid beating of the heart, sweating, shakiness, gasping, tightening of the stomach, and so on are common symptoms.

Every reason above contributes to negative personality development and needs steady support to move towards positivity and away from fear.

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The Roaring Forte: A Beacon of Hope

This kind of living is no living at all. If you let your fears rule you then your not even living a life, you are just dragging from one day to the next. It is time to face your fears and take a step towards the complete eradication of any inherent fear within your heart and mind.

The Roaring Forte is an institution that works on the principle of finding the root cause and building up a strong foundation for a steady high-rise pillar of life. With the help of professionals, you have a chance to improve on your personality development, build up confidence in speaking, and facing the crowd.

Colonel Deovrat Pagay (Retd.) is one such professional who believes that if you opt for any kind of counseling and coaching, then you are already taking the first step towards success in life and overcoming your fear.   

It is time to change your life and face your fears head-on to find the hidden confidence in you. Let The Roaring Forte be your beacon of hope