Personality Matter

Why Does Good Personality Matter at Workplace

A good Personality has a profound effect at the workplace. Depending on your personality, you can affect the workplace by presenting your behavioral traits, playing to the strengths, working on the weaknesses, and inter-office interaction. Having positive workplace results is a product of great personality presentation that is sure to lead to success in careers. Hence, Personality Development is a primary requirement before joining any organization.

Top Personality Traits That Are Needed at Workplace

While Personality Development is necessary, there are a few traits that are often seen to be beneficial while at the workplace and can help you advance in your career.

1.   Being Agreeable

It is important that while working on your personality development, you inculcate compassion, respectfulness, trust towards your peers and coworkers. When you are willing to listen to others and go along with what they are saying, you achieve the goal of being agreeable at the workplace.

2.   Having Conscience and carefulness

In an organization, having the skills to be organized, productive, responsible, careful, and hardworking goes a long way to improving work ethics. This gives a boost to personality development.

3.   Being Extrovert

When you are highly sociable, you can connect with your coworkers. This helps in building a more coordinated team, leading to more successful projects. This also gives a boost to the personal development of the employee.

4.   Having an Emotional quotient

Things are always more understandable when an individual is emotionally invested to some degree. Having sensitivity towards certain topics and situations along with a balance of positive emotions to balance the scale, helps keep a positive outlook on every aspect of the problem. This is important at the workplace.

5.   Being welcoming to new experiences

Having curiosity is a great way to learn new things. Creativity also plays an important role in shaping up your talents. When you start appreciating new thoughts, ideas, and feelings, you advance in your career and leap onto the ladder of success.

These 5 traits form the foundation of a great career and help showcase your remarkable development of personality.

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Poor Personality Development Affects Work Performance

There might be some personality traits that are good for you personally but might prove to be disastrous at the workplace. For example, if you have confidence in yourself and you are faced with a situation where you showcase over-confidence, it might lead to failure. The balance in personality is visible in difficult situations and how well you overcome them.

Personality development directly affects the rating of an employee’s performance. Every action portrays the personality profoundly and that affects the social circle and networks as well. The true position of success is one where people look towards you for a piece of advice on varying situations. If they are looking up to you, that means they trust your decision-making and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they trust you to guide them in the right direction. When you become an ideal personality, that is when you have achieved your goal.

If you make the above 5 traits your strengths in the personality, then you can utilize those to take you towards success and growth in your careers. Conversely, if you have them as your weaknesses, then you would not have good social standing at the workplace and might not be trusted for high-profile projects. What you portray decides your future.

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Enable Positive Effect of Personality Development At Workplace

It is important to know how to ensure that your performance at the workplace remains outstanding. One criterion is having a positive personality portrayal at all times in all spheres. You must understand what people expect out of you and what you can deliver. Bridging this gap is what leads to a positive impact. Sometimes what you feel that you portray is not what others perceive. They might misunderstand your behavior. This reflects on your personality and leads to poor results.

To ensure such a thing does not happen, it is important to learn to deliver yourself just right. At times, what you need is to shift your personality a bit. To make that happen, it is important to consult professionals for counseling and coaching on personality development. The Roaring Forte is one such institution that provides the same. Colonel Deovrat Pagay (Retd.) has years of experience in such scenarios and can guide you to shift your personality for the better. This can help you deliver a positive impact at your workplace which is necessary for career success.