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Whether you’re feeling stuck in your career, personal relationships, or life, or struggling to overcome challenges, get the support you need, right here.

Avail counseling by Col Deovrat Pagay, a retired Indian Armed Forces officer who holds over 30 years of experience mentoring people, practicing and teaching mindfulness, personality development, and NLP to hundreds of students.

With counseling and mentoring you can:

  1. Build better relationships
  2. Discover a newfound confidence
  3. Overcome stress, anxiety, and depression
  4. Thrive in your career

Why Should I Consider Counseling?

Almost 95% of the people struggle in some aspect of their life. This could range from the struggles of performing in their jobs, maintaining healthy personal relationships, the struggle to get through a personal loss or being unable to accomplish a particular goal. In such situations, people choose to suffer in silence when in fact, getting the right help can turn their life into a series of abundance and growth. However, seeking counseling can help you overcome this temporary tough phase and empower you to unleash your true potential in your personal and professional life.

Be it overcoming depression and anxiety, getting career guidance, building good communication skills, or overcoming your relationship problems, seeking expert guidance from a professional counselor can bring a ton of benefits to you. We keep your information 100% private and safe with us while providing you with the help you need.

Hi, I’m Col Deovrat Pagay and I am a retired Indian Armed Forces officer. My biggest endeavor has been to help people struggling with confidence and communication skills to rise above their fears and build the persona they have always dreamt of being.  With over 30 years of experience under my belt, I bring to you this practical course on developing a magnetic and commanding personality.

My defense background also means that I have been through the journey of developing a magnetic personality and know the ins and outs of building a growth mindset and breaking bad habits.

Your counseling journey will take place in 3 steps:

  1. Connect with Col Pagay: Get on an introductory assessment call with your counselor, who will learn a bit about your background.
  2. Discuss your concerns: Open up with your concerns in a safe space where you get the guidance you need.
  3. Create a better You: With regular guidance, bid goodbye to your worries and get ready to welcome a more exciting and purposeful life.

    The Roaring Forte has the best professionals to help you through any tough situation while molding your weakness and nerves into a path to success. To achieve the same, these two programs can help you in either personal issues or professional life, no matter the situation. 

    Re-Evolve Is For Individuals

    Going through tough times, having a hard life, problems in personal life, relationship issues, marital bliss lacking, confidence deficient, introverted nature barrier, social problems, mental stress, and so on are some of the common scenarios that are often enough to want a guiding hand. The Roaring Forte provides a program that can help you Re-Evolve into a better version of yourself or into a different scenario that suits your soul.

    This is a transformational program that aspires to individuals and helps them achieve their desired outcomes. A one-to-one individual counseling and coaching session, Re-Evolve helps to analyze your perspective and understand your goal to help you steer in the right direction. Any questions that you encounter or any self-doubts are also considered. Every question that the expert asks will unravel your personality and with every guiding solution, a new version of yourself can be expected.

    The Roaring Forte offers the Re-Evolve program to provide extensive therapy, personal coaching, counseling, psychological training, mental health balance and mind training, life coaching, NLP, and so on.

    This is an hourly session with several that will last up to 3 months. The Roaring Forte also provisions online training and guidance based on the kind of personal problem being considered to keep track of your progress. Additionally, every session is an eye-opener and involves self-evaluation which will help you analyze your mindset from a different perspective and re-evolve into the best version of yourself.

    UEXCEL Is For Corporate Leadership Training

    Companies ensure their success in the market through a dedicated and well-performing workforce. With the best talent at their disposal, they can ensure outstanding results through their products and services. The leading companies of today are aware of what is required to retain their standing. Hence, they are quick to provide excellent programs for their employees periodically.

    UEXCEL by The Roaring Forte is a Corporate Training and Leadership Program that provides opportunities for the company employees to learn and improve. This program involves Leadership and Team Building sessions and certain managers of the company upon recommendation are trained in the same.

    The Roaring Forte provides customized leadership training modules under this program depending on the requirement of the company. Team Building training modules are also provided for improving corporate skills. This program includes case studies, lectures, practice exercises, and situation-based learning.

    This program is delivered through a series of webinars and/or workshops as preferred for the duration of 1-2 hours in every session. There might be more than one training program as per the agreement with the company. Presently, this program is executed on the virtual online platform in lieu of the pandemic.

    UEXCEL is the motivation session that enables employees to embark on the self-growth process and gain a standing in the company and corporate world while taking the company to new heights with a fresh perspective.

Wish to learn more about Col Deovrat Pagay and his teaching methodology?

Reviews from past course takers

Review 1: Col Pagay is a good counselor and a patient listener. The sessions were extremely helpful and the tools provided by him have helped me improve my mindset and brought confidence 

Review 2: Col Pagay has a unique way of explaining things. His tools and techniques are easy to understand and implement. His motivational aspects really encouraged me.

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