Learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unlock your true potential

Our NLP Coaching trains you to transform your mental thought patterns, discover your strengths, and achieve long-lasting change

Coached by Col Deovrat Pagay, a retired Indian Armed Forces officer with over 30 years of practicing and teaching mindfulness, personality development, and NLP to hundreds of students, this course will teach you how to:

– Transform your thinking and behavior patterns to achieve remarkable goals 

– Implement NLP rapid mind change techniques to align you into a high-performance state 

– Build better and long-lasting habits to elevate your life

Packed with interactive exercises, this NLP coaching uses experiential exercises, interactive discussions, and personal reflections to help you build a link between mind, language, and behavioral patterns, and adapt the three to reprogram old ways of thinking, build confidence and develop better communication skills.

By the end of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching, you’ll be able to:

Get a firm command over your thoughts and behavior, and achieve your goals quicker.

Change limiting beliefs and unwanted habits, fears, and phobias that hinder your progress in life.

Become a fearless communicator and skillfully use language to establish rapport with people.

  1. Stop self-sabotaging your success and transform your personality through mind techniques.

How can an NLP Coaching benefit me?

NLP practitioners can help you to maximize your potential and create an enhanced version of yourself through neurological and linguistic techniques. Every NLP coaching has essentially 3 components:

1. Neuro: Your NLP coach will work with the mind: how you think and how your mind stores and reuses past life experiences. 

  1. Linguistic: NLP works with the use of verbal and non-verbal language, and how you can use language to achieve your desired goals and become a powerful communicator.
  1. Programming: NLP works with your ability to organize your thoughts and actions and teaches how to self-program past experiences.

NLP training uses effective techniques and strategies to create a drastic shift in your thinking patterns and communication to achieve different and better results. Often NLP techniques are used in a variety of fields like education, business, sport, education, health, and social and personal development.

Some of the commonly known benefits of NLP are:

  1. Improved work performance: NLP can help you to communicate more effectively and persuasively, speak confidently in public, boost motivation and achieve peak performance.
  2. Improved personal and social skills: NLP strategies can teach you how to achieve the perfect work-life balance without compromising on any.
  3. Helps with overcoming personal challenges: NLP techniques work on the conscious and subconscious mind to help overcome challenges like phobias, weight loss, smoking, drinking, anger, etc.
  4. Helps individuals improve their health: NLP helps you change limiting beliefs and build sustainable healthy habits to achieve good health.

Helps sportspeople reach and maintain peak performance: NLP techniques are widely used in sports to achieve peak performance.

Ever noticed how some people, when they enter a room, command a certain charismatic presence. These people are able to effortlessly work through the room, interact easily with people and leave a charming impression in everyone’s mind. In case they are there to give a speech, they are able to communicate very efficiently and sway the audience in their direction.

They elicit that rare ability to captivate onlookers, easily communicate with strangers, and arouse intense engagement whenever they are speaking with someone.

You’re probably wondering “I want to become this person but I don’t know where to start!!”

The good news is you can learn to exuberate unshakeable confidence and create a mystifying personality — with the right teacher.

If you truly believe that you can transform into a dazzling persona, this personality development course is for you.

Hi, I’m Col Deovrat Pagay and I am a retired Indian Armed Forces officer. My biggest endeavor has been to help people struggling with confidence and communication skills to rise above their fears and build the persona they have always dreamt of being.  With over 30 years of experience under my belt, I bring to you this practical course on developing a magnetic and commanding personality.

My defense background also means that I have been through the journey of developing a magnetic personality and know the ins and outs of building a growth mindset and breaking bad habits.

Wish to learn more about Col Deovrat Pagay and his teaching methodology?

Who should consider taking NLP Coaching?

NLP Coaching can be taken by anyone who wants to improve, change or achieve more out of life. Whether it is educators who want to impart better education or managers who want to manage their teams better, NLP opens a wide array of growth potential in any industry.

What do people say about NLP Coaching?

Review 1: The NLP coaching has changed my life! It has really helped me discover my self-limiting beliefs and brought clarity to my thinking.  Col Pagay’s passion shines through his way of teaching and he makes sure you grasp all concepts clearly. I really benefitted from the techniques and have been able to successfully implement them in my life. 

Review 2: Col Pagay is a good NLP coach. His teachings from his experience have helped me understand where I lacked and helped me develop and practice the confidence to change myself. I will definitely recommend this course 

Review 3: Col Pagay has a unique way of explaining things. His tools and techniques are easy to understand and implement. His motivational aspects really encouraged me and the instructor delivered the course in a very engaging manner.

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