Join the best SSB Coaching Program Taught by Col Deovrat Pagay

Increase your chances of getting selected for the Indian Army by getting trained with a retired Army officer having 30 years of defense service.

If you are aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces and serve the nation with pride, then you’ve come to the right place. Having trained hundreds of candidates for SSB, Col Deovrat Pagay is adept at guiding your preparation in the right direction. 

This SSB course trains you to successfully navigate the 5-day tests conducted by the Services Selection Board Test including Interviews, all Outdoor and Psychological tests, Group Discussions, etc, and screening tests.

How we coach you for the SSB

Step 1: Connect over an assessment call.

Before drawing up a preparation plan, connect over a one-on-one call with Col Deovrat Pagay to get a realistic assessment of your existing preparation levels. 

Step 2: One on One Classes with Col Deovrat Pagay 

During the course, all of your classes will be conducted in one-on-one format over a video call live with Col Deovrat Pagay. 

Step 3: See Real Results

Witness significant improvement as we coach you in every nuance tested in the SSB interview

Why should you go for SSB Coaching?

If you’re someone who is looking to make their career in the Defense forces of India, you might be confused about whether to go for the SSB coaching or not. However, going for SSB coaching can help you in many ways: 

  1. LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS: Get personalized attention from someone who has endured it all. With Col Pagay’s extensive experience within the Indian Army and as an ‘Assessor’ (GTO) in Services Selection Boards (SSBs) of the Indian Armed Forces, he now coaches students to clear the SSB interview.  A guided preparation can give you the edge you need in the SSB selection process.
  1. IDENTIFY WEAKNESSES: During the coaching process, you’ll be assessed on every aspect of the testing, namely, Psychological Tests, GTO Tasks, and the Interview. Over the duration of the course, you’ll be able to identify and pinpoint any shortcomings or problem areas that may hold you back.
  1. OVERCOMING FEARS: An aspiring SSB candidate may have some shortcomings in communication skills & public speaking, physical & mental endurance, and stamina. Our coaching process will help you confront your fears head-on and overcome them completely over the course of the training.

Service Selection Boards, commonly known as ‘SSB Interview’ is a Personality and Intelligence Assessment Test which assesses the potential and compatibility of candidates for becoming officers into the Indian Armed Forces.

The interview process takes place over a span of 5 days which consists of a series of scientific and psychological testing techniques. Each technique evaluates and grades the qualities paramount for the defense services by getting the candidate to complete a task under a stressful condition in the least time, thus simulating an emergency-like situation.

The 3 tests are:

1. Psychological Test:

Conducted by a trained psychologist, the psychology test is scientifically designed to assess the candidate at a subconscious level and a conscious level. These tests ascertain if the candidate possesses the required personality traits desired in an officer of the defense services.

The candidate is tested against the constraint of time. This allows the psychologist to make a genuine assessment of the candidate while he/she responds to his/her thoughts, feelings, and actions promptly.

The SSB conducts this round through four psychological tests:

  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
  2. Word Association Test (WAT).
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
  4. Self Description (SD). 
  1. GTO’s Tests:

 Conducted by a Group Testing Officer (GTO), these tests include group discussions, group planning exercises, progressive group tasks, individual obstacle tasks, group obstacles, and command tasks.  These are outdoor tests where the Group Testing Officer evaluates the candidate based on their demonstrated performance under stress.

Interviewing Officer’s Test:

 Along with GTO, the candidate also goes through an individual candidate interview which requires him/her to fill out personal information questionnaires and demonstrate knowledge in the field of General Knowledge, Science, and Mathematics.

The interview takes place as an interaction where the interviewer puts up routine questions and situation-based questions, where candidates’ response to a situation is recorded. The President or Deputy president evaluates the personality traits of the candidate 

Facing these tests without getting SSB training is like driving a vehicle without practice.

While getting SSB coaching is not necessary to crack the interview, getting trained can increase your chances of success in the SSB

Hi, I’m Col Deovrat Pagay and I am a retired Indian Armed Forces officer. My biggest endeavor has been to help people struggling with confidence and communication skills to rise above their fears and build the persona they have always dreamt of being.  With over 30 years of experience under my belt, I bring to you this practical course on developing a magnetic and commanding personality.

My defense background also means that I have been through the journey of developing a magnetic personality and know the ins and outs of building a growth mindset and breaking bad habits.

Wish to learn more about Col Deovrat Pagay and his teaching methodology?

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