What is Life Coaching?

The standard definition of 
life coaching is that it is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment. However, it goes beyond just learning how to achieve personal goals. 

Life coaching can help one achieve big breakthroughs in life, such as:

  • Unblocking limiting beliefs and thought patterns that may be holding them back from achieving their goals/ pursuing a life of their choice
  • Achieving and living their ‘holistic’ life vision or dream as opposed to isolated ‘goals’. For example, becoming the CEO of a company with 1Bn USD turnover is a single, professional goal. Living a successful professional life, being healthy, getting rid of anxiety, having healthy and strong relationships, and being able to sustain one’s hobbies is a life vision!
  • Improve the quality of day-to-day life with immediate effect 

From day-to-day life to overall life vision a.k.a living one’s dream life, life coaching has the key to unlock it all. But, let us first begin by acknowledging that life coaching is a misunderstood term! 

In India, coaching for excellence in sports is considered a necessity, coaching for an entrance examination for IITs and IIMs is a widely accepted preparation fundamental. Coaching for hobbies is also not uncommon. But life coaching? Ah! Why would anyone need to be coached for living life itself? Especially in a country like India, life coaching can come across as a pursuit of the rich, which of course, is not true. Well, life coaching is VERY different from giving mere advice, some age-old wisdom, or consulting. It is a structured approach to help one be in alignment with their true self while realizing their full potential. 

Life Coaching: some compelling facts

“A search for ‘coaches’ on LinkedIn brought in over 6.28 million results in 2020.”

This clearly implies that life coaching is not another fad and is in fact sought after by many people today for a fulfilling life. Whether it is the overworked CXO of a Fortune 500 company or a young professional wanting to join the military, life coaches are bonafide heroes to all. In fact, life coaching is one of the highest growing industries in the United States (you may look at the detailed report here). 

As more and more people are signing up for life coaching, they are setting a trend for others who are awed by their overall success in life. The demand worldwide is soaring, and according to a report released by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are approximately 71,000 life coaches based in 161 countries worldwide.  

How can life coaching help you transform your life?

Life coaching is for everyone, and you too can use it to transform your life. For example, both Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates have been quoted praising their own experiences with life coaching 

Oprah Winfrey has long worked with coach Martha Beck, and says openly that, “life coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you’re not good enough.” 

Bill Gates, even said that “Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

There are multiple ways in which life coaching can benefit you, we are listing down the top 5 reasons for a quick read:

  1. Goal identification & planning

Your true goals can get lost in the everyday crazy mind chatter. Here is when a life coach comes to your rescue and helps you identify your ‘true calling’ based on your interests, overall life vision, and strengths and weaknesses. By charting out your life vision and your current reality, a life coach can help you see a goal that you may be putting off as ‘unreal’ or might not even be aware of. The magic is in the very awareness of one’s ‘real-life goal’ and it is something we all need a little handholding with. 

  1. Finding a balance in life

Life coaches often help you identify roadblocks and behaviors that may be contributing to an imbalance in your life. An imbalance between work and family or hobbies often leads to pent-up discontentment in an individual that thwarts their progress in life eventually. The Wheel of Life is a common tool used for example for identifying this imbalance, to begin with. 

The 8 areas, which you can choose to use or customize your own, are family & friends, romance, fun & recreation, health, money, personal growth, physical environment, and career. Once we identify the areas of imbalance, corrective actions can be taken and progress can be tracked. 

  1. Removing limiting beliefs and other blocks

Identifying what is holding you back is the first step towards achieving a goal. Whether your goal is simply happiness or a fulfilling spousal relationship or a successful career in sports, you need to start with clearing all the mental blocks. This exercise could seem easier than it is. Often the amount of difference right coaching and support can make is unparalleled. A life coach can view your limiting beliefs without a bias and can make objective conclusions about certain behavior patterns that need a change for example. Through conversation and careful prodding, a life coach is often able to elicit the deepest sub-conscious thinking patterns which otherwise can remain elusive to you. 

  1. Finding true happiness

While it is easy to work on professional goals, it is much more difficult to aspire solely for happiness and achieve it. A life coach helps you live a balanced life by unlocking the best version that you can stay committed to. Constant support and constructive feedback loop empower one to find their version of happiness and achieve it in time. A self-love tool for example is used by many life coaches to help you get the right mindset to sail through the day and the life as a whole too.

  1. Improving executive functioning skills

Lastly, life coaching can help you develop and hone critical skills required for success – executive functioning skills. These skills include time management, organizing & planning goals and routines, self-monitoring, regulating emotions, etc. While the internet is flooded with self-help material around each of these, there is nothing that compares to a one-on-one, personalized life coaching experience. Journaling, goal-setting worksheets, continuous feedback, and brainstorming sessions are all designed in a life coaching course to help you develop executive functioning skills ‘organically – that stay with you for life”.

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Who needs life coaching? 


Everyone who wants to lead a fulfilling and happy life that is a combination of good health, a successful career, and healthy relationships. It is a myth that only CEOs and movie stars are able to afford life coaching. 

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What is the right time and method to enroll for life coaching?


There is no right or wrong time to enroll in life coaching and to get started on your journey of life transformation. The day you realize that life coaching can unlock your best potential and help you achieve a dream life that has been eluding you till now, that’s the day you should enroll! Still not sure, whether you need life coaching or not? Do this to see the answer more clearly.


Take a blank paper and without a second thought, simply, chart out your life vision and your current reality, if you see a gap, know that life coaching is what you need for the breakthrough. You have all the answers, a life coach only helps you identify them while building your new version that can take on life much better (read, like a winner!).

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