Our Course Workflow

Shaping, Sprint, Iterations, Release

Personality Development

What distinguishes you as a person, what makes you stand apart from the rest of  …read more

Counselling & Mentoring

When was the last time you felt like you were ‘stranded’ because you were unsure  …read more

Life Coach

A life coach is someone experienced, who is trained in psychology and specializes in  …read more

Mindfulness Coach

More than anything else, your mind invariably affects your personal and professional life…read more

SSB Coaching

If you are here to “live a life more than the ordinary”, then your training begins now. …read more


If you have never heard of such a thing before, well this process is called ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’. …read more

Skill Development

While you can boost your skills by working hard, you can develop your …read more

Psychological concepts

A psychological approach to better communication and personal development among …read more

Customised Counselling & Coaching

Discuss in detail with you as regards time and number of sessions required.

One-on-One Interaction

Dedicated time slots for guidance and discussion with a follow up after completion of the course/session. (T&C apply)


Virtual online sessions of one hour or more duration.

Assessment & Evaluation

A concise personality report available.(T&C apply)